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The Dog Spot Facility

What To Expect

A daycare should be designed with beauty and fun in mind but above all it must be safe and mentally healthy for the dogs. All Dog Spot design decisions are made with these considerations in mind.

  • Our 5 play spaces are all securely fenced with multiple gates between your pup and the outside world.  All fences are solid so dogs in adjacent rooms cannot see each other and feel frustration which can lead to reactivity in every day life. 

  • All play rooms have rhino flooring, a dog daycare approved rubber mat flooring that is non-slip and cushioned to help protect joints.

  • There are 4 securely fenced outdoor areas with pea gravel to prevent any accidental ingestion.

  • Our boarding areas feature 4 x 6 enclosed cabins with solid walls to prevent the stress that can happen when dogs can see each other but cannot greet, or crates for dogs who are crate trained.  

  • All play and boarding spaces are well ventilated and can be heated or cooled depending on the weather.  

Our commitment to the safety and well being of our canine guests shows in every decision we make including our facility design and layout!

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