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Dog Training

Canine Training

Training your dog is the single greatest thing you can do for them.  The number one reason that dogs are abandoned to animal shelters is behavior problems.  Train your dog and you will form a partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Dog Spot training classes are based on the principals of animal learning theory and utilize only positive reinforcement techniques.  Our greatest hope is that you will leave class with a better understanding of how dogs learn and how to use that information to enhance the bond with your dog and achieve great training results.

We offer a variety of classes for different ages and issues.  Whether you have a brand new puppy, need to learn some basics with your adult dog or want something a bit more advanced, there is a class for you! 

To get more information on a particular class click below.

Not all problems can be solved with a group training class sometimes at home help is necessary.  The Dog Spot advocates positive training only so please choose your private trainer carefully.  We trust and recommend the following trainers.


 Companion Animal Solutions

Lise Lausiva with Paws Afoot Dog Training

Suzanne Spiridakis McCaslin, CPDT-KA with Laying Down the Paw, LLC

Katie Carmen with Katie's Clever Canines

Jane Ternes with Halo Hounds

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