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Dog Daycare

Fun For Fido

We Do Daycare Better!

Dog daycare can be a great social experience for a dog or an out of control, scary experience.  We have a great responsibility to ensure that dogs in our care not only have fun but also stay safe and do not become overstimulated or over exhausted and our unique daycare model has evolved over the years to meet those goals.  

  • We separate all pups based on size, age and play style to ensure that every player stays safe and has the best experience possible. Our 4 spacious play rooms are divided into a micro room, for our tiniest guests, a medium room for our wild adolescents, a big room for our bigger, calmer players and fetchers, and a puppy preschool for pups 7 months and younger that is a combination of play and training .

  • Our pups alternate between play and rest during the day. Allowing dogs to rest gives them a much needed mental and physical break and ensures that our play groups stay small and well managed.  Your pup will play in a group of 4 to 12 dogs depending on their size and play style which is a huge contrast to the regular daycare model which has groups of between 20 to 75 dogs all playing at the same time.

  •  All Dog Spot senior staff members are certified trainers and have many years of experience working with dogs.  Staff is continuously trained in dog body language, play management and the latest canine research.

  • We utilize only positive reinforcement training techniques.  There are no squirt bottles or bark collars at The Dog Spot, behavior issues such as rude play or demand barking are dealt with using a time out from the play session.  

  •  All dog spaces are secure, ventilated and  floored with rhino flooring, a dog daycare approved flooring made of a recycled material and specifically designed to minimize joint stress and prevent slipping. 

We believe that daycare should be physically fun but also mentally healthy for a dog.

The experiences your dog has while under our care can set the tone for how they interact with other dogs for the rest of their lives and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.  We truly believe that we provides the safest, healthiest and most joyful daycare around!  If you need a bit of training assistance we also offer day training for dogs over 7 months.  If your dog could benefit from some help with recall, loose leash walking or reactivity please click here or more information on our adult dog day training program.


For a complete explanation of all our health and safety policies, please click here.

APPLICATION:  All dogs must have a complete, up-to-date and approved application on file.  Click ENROLL below to fill out an application.

RATES:  Rates are based on a pass plan.  There are no expiration dates for passes.

1 day pass:​       $50.00

5 day pass:       $240.00 ($48.00 per day)

10 day pass:     $465.00 ($46.50 per day)

20 day pass:     $900.00 ($45.00 per day)

Additional dogs: $30.00 per dog per day

DAYS AND HOURS:  Dogs may be dropped off Monday through Friday by appointment only, anytime after 6:30 am and must be picked up by 6:30 pm.  The Dog Spot offers Kennel services for an additional fee.

RESERVATIONS:  The Dog Spot staff believes that the best situation is a small number of dogs receiving the greatest amount of care and attention.  In order to ensure our  numbers do not exceed max capacity all dogs must have a reservation or regular schedule to be in daycare.  Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged full fees.  

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