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Adult Dog Day Training

Adult dog day Training

The Dog Spot is proud to offer our newest service, adult dog day training!  We are very passionate about training and we also know it can be confusing and A LOT of work.  Take your dog's daycare day to the next level by adding on some training with one of our experienced, compassionate trainers.  Whether you need a bit of extra help with a specific behavior or you just want your dog to have the mental stimulation and confidence building that comes with training, day training will provide great benefits for both of you.  We are currently offering training help with recall, loose leash walking and reactivity but if there is a specific behavior you would like help with we are happy to discuss and see if it is a good fit for the program.  Day training will take place during your pup's normal daycare day and we will provide videos and homework so that you can practice at home.  Day training is $20 per session with a 4 session requirement.  If you would like more information or would like to sign up please call us at 425-252-7768 or email at to get the conversation started!

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